Sprygg ... Cooling Aftershave Tonic

Consider this: Mentholated Witch Hazel

Great! So I bid on some menthol crystals which and won for the princely sum of 99p.

While waiting, I got to thinking ... Olbas Oil?

Ingredients are essential oils: cajeput, eucalyptus, peppermint, juniper, wintergreen and clove.

You get a strong peppermint and eucalyptus hit (something like 30% each) backed up with cajeput oil (around 20%) which is a close relative of tea tree; good for anti-infection and anti-inflammation. Clove and wintergreen are both soothing oils, albeit very low in concentration, as is juniper, an astringent.

I reckoned on 100ml bottle of Witch Hazel with eight drops of Olbas Oil and a touch of glycerin (one capful), top up with a couple of capfuls of gin to boost the juniper astringency and assist evaporation with the light alcohol.

... and so I made it up, splash some on my face and it felt good.

The glycerin does give it a lubricious feel. I don't think the gin added anything at all and five drops, while it smells good, was not immediately the menthol burn I had hoped for.

But ...

Leave it a while and that gentle but quite perceptible tingle starts to build. Lovely as a pick me up after a shave with a mentholated cream or as a cool breeze following a non-mentholated shave.

So, there you go ...

Household aftershave, which I call Sprygg, the etymology of spry: lively, active, brisk.


75ml bottle of distilled Witch Hazel BPC (top up)
20ml London Dry Gin (4 tsp)
5ml Glycerin (1 tsp)
10 drops Olbas Oil


Juniper essential oil as an anti-inflammatory berry top note ... 3-4 drops?
Lavender essential oil as a soothing floral mid-note ... 1-2 drops?
Tea Tree essential oil as an immune boosting cooling top/mid-note ... 1-2 drops?

Try out some options and let me know how it goes for you ...