Shibden Fougere

Fougère: from Wiki "meaning "fern-like", is one of the main families into which modern perfumes are classified, with the name derived from the perfume Fougère Royale (Houbigant) by Paul Parquet, now preserved in the archives of the Osmothèque. This class of fragrances have the basic accord with a top-note of lavender and base-notes of oakmoss. Many modern fougère perfumes have various citrus, herbaceous, green, floral and animalic notes included."

I have a barely used sample of Penhaligon's English Fern which I kind of like, but not as much as I like Trumper's Wild Fern and so I decided to use it as a subtle underlying scent for an aftershave lotion.

I used the following constituent parts:
Both the peppermint extract and glycerine are readily available at your local supermarket in the baking section. Ensure that the peppermint essence is in alcohol rather than oil. Witch Hazel, likewise, you'll find in the medicines section and gin, well, you know where to find gin.

You will need to go online to procure the essential oils and absolute oils.

It's good! Soothing and calming with an initial flash burn and then doused with peppermint, soothed with lavender, toned with witch hazel, fed with glycerine and a lingering complex scent of top notes which comes through with a wafts of deep moss and fern scent later on.