iKon Shave Craft 102 Slant

With the Shave Craft 102, iKon made a very mild slant ... so much so I rather wonder why?

The concept of the slant is to perform a "with the grain" movement with a slicing stroke. Yes, you can do this with a regular DE, simply by doing a diagonal stroke AKA 'The Gillette Slide' but the slant does it for you without you thinking. The result is a closer shave in fewer passes ...

Compared to the Merkur slant (the 37C or 39C), I could see off a couple of days' growth in a single pass and it will be smooth, close and nothing missed. With the iKon, it's two passes - the same as I would any DE.

I don't really see the point.

Other than that, the head is a nice weight, it's cool, smooth and a novel shape ... but the handles don't match and the thread is VERY picky about which handles can be used. Vintage is out for handle choice, even modern only 1 in 3 of mine play well with it, all custom by the same maker, all the same thread pitch ... go figure.

As with all mild razors, pairing with a sharp blade seems to bring the best out of it - Sputnik, for me.

In summary, the iKon Shave Craft 102 Slant is certainly a well made razor, well weighted, tactile and a real piece of eye candy ... just let down by performance.

iKon Shave Craft 102 Slant