Essential Whey 60

Me? Paleo me, writing about protein powder? With my reputation?

I'll throw my hands straight up and surrender! Protein powder is not paleo.

Shoot me! Go on ... I dare you! I double dare you!

It is very useful for active, paleo people. Let me explain ... Essential Whey 60 is a 60% protein powder made from undenatured milk. Furthermore, there are no flavourings, colourings or most importantly, no emulsifier. This is pretty much pure whey, as extracted from raw milk.

 Let's take a look at the breakdown of a 30ml scoop:
... and it has a superb amino acid profile, too:

Ideally, the protein could be higher and the carbohydrate lower, but this is a straight down the line extraction but the most positive benefit to be had from undenatured protein extraction is that it is glutathione boosting.

Glutathione is immune boosting. Protein rebuilds the muscles and the carbohydrate forms immediate energy, saving further muscle degradation after activity and allowing the body to totally benefit from the activity you have just engaged in.

Being a paleo eater, I like more fat.

Here's my shake:
If I am feeling particularly indulgent:
You've got it ... I have a glass of this every so often after a particularly exhaustive period of activity.

I also have the occasional serving early morning for breakfast, which is usually nothing more than a couple of spoons of full fat probiotic natural yoghurt.