100 Days of Paleo

... or thereabouts.

I don't really have much to add to my 30 Days of Paleo post other than to say that paleo has become very much my normal way of life. I don't think about it any more - it's just what I do.

Yes, "do"! Paleo is life - sleeping, waking, eating, working, playing, relaxing, enjoying.

I set out to address my weight and fitness, and quite by accident found minimalist running and from there, paleo. I fast understood that longer term, sustainable fat loss was going to be the best way for me and I am well into that journey with continued fat loss, but not necessarily the same dramatic weight loss.

An unexpected benefit has been that my lifelong gastric reflux problems have gone - gone entirely. Again, I simply don't have to think about it any more.

My two favourite paleo bloggers, Stanton and Harris, have made some significant contributions to the paleosphere - Functional Paleo is now defined, Archevore has moved to version 3.0 and the role of starches in the paleo diet is now well understood, and well discussed by Harris.

Food remains a real passion of mine.

My own paleo cuisine blog at Living in the Ice Age continues to attract new visitors every day and I am pleased to be followed by one of my favourite paleo cuisine bloggers: Finn & Greg AKA Modern Paleo Warfare - be warned, some of the language is on the edge and humour definitely adult! Enjoy ...

One final thing - I have found an excellent supplier of Biltong whose recipe does not include sugar. Other suppliers extol the virtues of their product being MSG-free or containing no artificial flavours, but they still use sugar.

Interested? Check out Discover Unearthed Biltong whose product is softer than many, more chewy. Yum!

That said, I do like Coan's Original Beef Jerky - I can cope with a tiny bit of sugar.