Rethinking Conventional Wisdom

Conventional detailing wisdom gives us the mantra "polish ... glaze ... sealant ... wax", although this does not always play out.

I would almost always put it as "polish ... sealant ... glaze ... wax".

Why? Well, many polishes that we use are actually AIOs ("all in one" products) so we are unwittingly already doing a "polish ... seal" ... ready for a glaze, then wax. Car-Lack68 NSC and Autoglym SRP are a couple of popular ones.

Sealants bond to clean paint much more effectively, so, after a pure polish and wipe down, applying the sealant at that point is the best process ... ready for a glaze, then wax.

Acrylic glazes can contain light polishing agents, as it the case with Poorboys Black Hole and White Diamond. Is this actually a polish, then? So, as above with AIOs, we've really just done a polish and seal.

Oily glazes will seriously affect the effectiveness of sealants, so should not be placed under sealants. In fact, these old-fashioned glazes were originally designed for use over a wax; as a show detailer.

Regardless of whether the glaze can technically work under a sealant, following the mantra "polish ... seal ... glaze ... wax" will almost always glean better results; first, for looks and second, for the long term.