Dodo Juice Supernatural - the Purest of the Pure

Dodo Juice Supernatural is a particularly fine wax.

Anybody who has seen perfectly machined paintwork will know what a shame it is, often, to wax that finish. Supernatural offers purity - it does not interfere with that perfection, neither dulling nor enhancing. It protects your hard work and lets the perfection shine through. Furthermore, as a wax, it represents the absolute pinnacle of our hobby - the finest product, developed by enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts ... but ... how to get the very best from it ...The instructions are a little light, certainly on the sample pot.It is also a wax that seems to like a particular preparation and, in my opinion, a particular method of maintenance.

Here are some tips ...

Firstly, prepare the paintwork ... Supernatural likes to go onto very clean paintwork, so machine polish if need be and then wipe down with IPA and/or cleanse with their Lime Prime Lite.

I absolutely adore Lime Prime Lite and consider it far superior to its more abrasive original. You can polish hard plastics with the Lite version, too, so feel free to run straight over windscreen squirters, roof gutter covers, wiper housings and so on ...

Now, let's get the wax on.

Dodo Juice's recommended three finger applicator is a fine choice.

The foam is so fine it can be used on fragile show car paint. Rub the pad gently into the top of the wax. Inspect it ... you can't see any product transference, right Good! Go with it ... have faith!

... a really thin layer is all that is needed. Remember, haze is waste wax since that's the bit you buff off.

Leave it 15 minutes and buff off with a clean, soft microfibre towel.

Again, Dodo Juice's own Supernatural buffing towel is pretty much the softest I have ever felt and really is perfect for this task - Supernatural needs almost no pressure to wipe off.

Supernatural is designed as a really pure wax and as such is prone to a secondary hazing, or hologramming as it continues to cure after the initial haze has been wiped off.

You can see some hologramming in the next picture, which has come up after about 30 minutes:

... at this point, you could reach for the QD but ... think about it!

This is a pure wax, the purest you can apply to your paintwork so why compromise or interfere with that finish by using another product?

For this, distilled water comes in as a recommendation.

You can buy distilled water from your local supermarket or you can recover your own from your aircon machine or dehumidifier. Pop the bottle in the fridge and use it chilled. Chilled? Yes, chilled ... the cooling effect helps to fully cure the residual wax on the surface and the water itself will remove the secondary hazing:

Alternatively, you could use a microsude cloth folded up and gently caressed against the surface.

... after another couple of hours, the wax will really start to come into its own and the finish you'll be looking at is one of the finest you'll see:

The challenge now is how to maintain that ...

Well, I am absolutely sold on their Supernatural Shampoo - it is absolutely perfect with the wax.

Do not be concerned about the lack of suds since this shampoo is full of lubricants which will encapsulate the dirt and wash the surfaces clean. Don't be tight on how much liquid you lavish over the car - the shampoo is extremely concentrated and 5-6 pumps in a 20L bucket is quite sufficient.

Here's a quick rinse down with clean water a week after the initial application on a car kept at the side of the road:

... and here's after washing with Supernatural Shampoo and rinsed down:

Use their Supernatural wash mitten for the deepest pile, sheet rinse and pat dry.

The shampoo has excellent sheeting capabilities initially, yet does not interfere with subsequent beading enjoyment. Just don't use any other product to assist drying - you don't need it and you don't want to interfere with the wax ... remember?

After a couple of months, the beading will be dying down.

You could at this point make a gentle application of Lime Prime Lite and wax again ... or you could switch to a couple of products that will help stretch out your application for another few weeks.

Switching to Sour Power shampoo, a wash and wax shampoo and giving the finish a spritz over with Red Mist will not quite revive that initial application, but will give you a refreshed look to enjoy.

So, to summarise ...
1. Prepare the paint as you see fit, but cleanse with Lime Prime/Lite
2. Apply the wax in as thin a layer as you can achieve
3. Let it cure for 15 minutes ... buff off
4. After 30 minutes ... spritz with chilled distilled water and buff again
5. Stand back and enjoy!
6. Weekly, wash with Supernatural Shampoo, sheet rinse and pat dry
7. Enjoy! Repeat for a couple of months
8. Switch to Sour Power and spritz with Red Mist after drying
9. Enjoy! Repeat for a few more weeks
10. Cleanse back and start again ...