Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid Preview

The name has been revealed: Supernatural Hybrid ... Dodo Juice's much anticipated "paste sealant".

Prior to diving into a preview of this forthcoming product let's take a moment to discuss Supernatural ...

Supernatural is a peculiarly fine wax and one which I have championed as the finest wax you can use after machine polishing paintwork to perfection. Anybody who has seen perfectly machined paintwork will know what a shame it is, often, to wax that finish. Supernatural offers purity - it does not interfere with that perfection, neither dulling nor enhancing. It protects your hard work and allows that perfection to shine through. Furthermore, as a wax, it represents the absolute pinnacle of our hobby - the finest product, developed by enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts.

"Purity" is the very essence of Supernatural.

So, onto Supernatural Hybrid ...

Supernatural Hybrid does not replace Supernatural, nor supplant it. Supernatural Hybrid, as far as I understand, is Supernatural which has had its DNA bonded to a synthetic backbone of enhancement and fortification. Supernatural Hybrid is not so much a "paste sealant" but an engineered version of Supernatural itself, and it is worth remembering that this product is very much related to Supernatural ... and for that reason I will refer to it as a "wax".

In the same way as Supernatural raised the bar, Supernatural Hybrid raises it again.

Let's have a look at it:

The wax will be available in 100ml jars for the RRP of £29.99. The wax is gold in colour and has almost no scent; that deep, sugary scent present within Supernatural is almost a memory. This is a hard wax with a creamy smooth texture and just like Supernatural requires only the lightest of contact to transfer the requisite amount to a foam pad.

Let's get it on some paintwork ...

I prepared our black convertible by fine polishing over with Meguiars #205 on a 3M blue pad and then gave the surface a wipedown with a strong solution of IPA. It is worth noting that our convertible has single stage paint - no clearcoat.

I used the soft foam Supernatural applicator to apply the wax. Placing the tip of the applicator onto the surface of the wax and giving it a light twist in the pot transfered sufficient to cover the whole boot. On the applicator, the wax is almost imperceptible until touched to the paintwork. I started in the middle and moved to the right hand side and then returned to the middle to travel to the left hand side. The wax was still pliable and could be worked over again, ensuring that a whisper thin layer was evenly applied over the whole surface. Careful application and a considered approach will really benefit this wax ensuring that there are no high spots.

Buffed ... Wow! The wax buffed off with incredible ease. I used a Supernatural microfibre, folded into quarters and mere gentle pressure was required to remove the haze. What I was presented with was something quite special - deliciously crisp reflections and a warm depth which reminded me that I was using an engineered wax. This wax represents astounding value for money given how little is necessary for coverage.

I moved onto my red car and wiped down the boot with 50% IPA after a simple wash. This car has a clearcoat finish.

Before ...

... and after:

Subtle, but noticeable increase in clarity and not to labour the point about application, it was easy, a pleasure to do and wiped off with incredible ease ... very much enjoyed.

I saw no secondary hazing or hologramming on either car. At this point I went back to the black car to make a second application which did, but the finish on the red car did not with that thin coat.

Back to the black car, I made a second application ... this time, more heavily with a lot more product as an inexperienced user might. I was not overly punished for this - the thicker haze still removed easily, although a little more effort was required but nothing like the scrubbing required where cheaper waxes can literally bake on. This time I did see some secondary hazing and hologramming; nothing to worry about - this can happen with Supernatural and it is actually reassuring to see.

No big deal - chilled distilled water saw it off, as would a microsuede cloth. I guess it comes down to how heavy you are with the application of product.

Second coat applied more heavily:

Secondary hazing and hologramming:

...and some "glamour shots":

"Defined", I think is the word that captures the nature of Supernatural Hybrid.

Glossy, glassy, liquid, shimmering, flowing ... well, yes, but "defined" says it all for me and that's a word I'll be using to single out the nature of this wax. Yes, I love it! Yes, it's what I've been looking for on my red car to give that almost plastic look that looks awesome on red, yet has the depth to match the life in the red ... and on black, deep and sumptuous as expected from a wax with the same crisp reflections that first excited me about sealants.

Truly the best of both worlds.

The looks are sensational, but it is the water behaviour that is truly astounding.

When sprayed over with water the sheeting is instant leaving a practically dry surface. When misted, beads well up and seem to shake under a desire to both well up and to escape the surface. Once overcome by their own weight the beads skittered off in all directions, seemingly defying gravity or any logical route off the surface. This kind of behaviour is something I have only seen with pure nano sealants.

... on red:

... and on black:

In summary, Supernatural Hybrid is a truly excellent product and represents an entirely new breed of product from Dodo Juice. For looks it is sensational and the water behaviour, quite staggering.

It does everything ... only more so!